Program 2011-2012

Fall 2011

Theatre in the City


September 22: Theatre and the City: Early Modern London in Reality and on the Stage
Jean Howard
George Delacorte Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University


October 27: The Monument from Kigali to Toronto: Performing Genocide Across Urban Space and Time
Kim Solga 
Associate Professor, English, University of Western Ontario


November 24: Community Art and the City: A European View
Eugène van Erven 
Senior Lecturer, Theatre, Utrecht University



Spring 2012

Cities, Governance, and the Politics of Urbanism


January 19: Governing the City Without: The Challenge of Global Suburbanism
Roger Keil 
Professor and Director, The City Institute at York University


February 23: How the Earth Became a Collection of Land Uses: Urban Planning and Law in Historical Perspective
Mariana Valverde 
Professor of Criminology, University of Toronto


March 15: Seeing Like a City
Warren Magnusson 
Professor of Political Science, University of Victoria