Program 2018-2019

Fall 2018

The Radical Possibilities of Alternative Urbanisms 


September 20: Panel—Alternative Urbanisms in the City of Victoria

Panelists include Beangka Elliott (Project Reclaim), Boma Brown (Vancouver Island Research Group), Lorne Daniel (Greater Victoria Placemaking Network), Todd Litman (Victoria Transport Policy Institute), and Organizers of the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair (Allan Antliff, Kim Croswell, Evan "Burrito")

October 25: Urban Planning by Other Means: The Struggle for Racial Justice in Twentieth-Century Halifax

Ted Rutland
Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment, Concordia University

November 29: Place-Making as Radical Urbanism: Reinventing Urban Space in the Placeless City

Mark Lakeman
Co-Founder and Creative Director, The City Repair Project in Portland, Oregon


Spring 2019

Sustainable Cities


January 31: A Place-Based Learning Model for Building Equitable, Inclusive, Prosperous, and Resilient Cities

Sarah Iannarone
Director of City Learning, First Stop Portland

February 21: What if Victoria's Dockside Green Were a Parisien Ecoquartier?

Meg Holden
Director of Urban Studies and Professor of Geography, Simon Fraser University

March 28: The Limits of Sustainability Education:  Reflections on 10 Years of International Urban Sustainability Field Schools

Cameron Owens
Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria